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How to Care ForYour Pillows

How to care for your Pillows

Many of us emphasize regularly washing our sheets and pillowcases. However, we often forget that our pillows also require attention. We recommend that you thoroughly clean your pillows at least four times a year or once every season. Things like dead skin cells, sweat, hair, and saliva, build on the pillow, which are ideal conditions for dust mites and an allergic reaction. How then can you care for your pillows? You can check the care labels for the best instruction for your pillows. Here are a few steps you can also follow:

Step 1: Give it Air

Fluffing your pillows daily will help them regain their shape and remove dust. You can also put them on a clothesline for a few hours every month on a bright, breezy day. If that isn’t possible, as it is with some foam and latex pillows, use the no-heat cycle in the dryer.

Step 2: Gently Wash

It’s usually easy to wash your pillows once you’ve followed the instructions on the care label. The most challenging aspect is generally getting them to dry completely.

If you’re trying to remove a wet stain from your pillow, spot treat the pillowcase and pillow with a stain cleaner designed for that sort of stain before laundering. Then use the gentle cycle on your washing machine.

Step 3: Dry It Thoroughly

It’s important to dry your pillow completely to avoid mildew. You may want to use the dryer for a solid hour, applying moderate heat to ensure the pillow is dry both inside and out. Of course, this will vary depending on the type of pillow and care instructions. You can also hang dry your pillow if the weather allows. To ensure the best care for your pillows, we suggest using pillow covers to protect them from sweat, body oils, and face cream.

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