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How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress

How To Clean a Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress industry has been transformed by memory foam. Memory foam, as compared to standard materials, does an excellent job of conforming to your body, relieving pressure, and alleviating neck and back pain. Memory foam is increasingly becoming the material of choice for those looking for the best mattress available.

It’s important to remember that memory foam is a petroleum-based product. Therefore, cleaning it isn’t the same as cleaning other mattress materials. Maintaining the soft and responsive feel of your new mattress requires proper upkeep. With that in mind, here are a few instructions on caring for your memory foam mattress.

1. Vacuum the Mattress

When cleaning memory foam mattresses, the first step is to strip your bed and carefully vacuum the entire surface. The best vacuum cleaner for this job is a portable vacuum cleaner, but a basic vacuum will suffice. You can also use the crevice tool or upholstery attachment to access hard-to-reach regions, such as the sides of the mattress.

2. Use a Cleaning Solution

Now that you’ve vacuumed, you can use a cleaning solution to get rid of stains. A diluted fabric cleaner such as dishwashing liquid or light detergent can remove tough stains. Tougher stains, however, may require a harsher mix such as water and vinegar.

3. Dry the Mattress

Memory foam tends to soak up liquids, so the drying process is essential. A blow dryer may prove to be helpful in this situation. If you don’t have a hairdryer available, you can use a fan instead. Place the fan over the humid regions of the mattress, turn it on high, and leave it to do its work for a few hours. Replace your sheets after your bed is dry and prepare to sleep well on your freshly cleaned mattress.

Cleaning your memory foam mattress keeps it looking great and helps to extend the life cycle of your bed. It also helps to reduce dust mites and other allergens, which can compromise sleep quality.

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