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Does the type of mattress you choose really matter?? There have been many studies and many who would say that a good nights sleep is the foundation to overall good health and well-being. A good nights sleep starts and ends with your mattress. Picking the right mattress is important and there are many different types to choose from. Knowing your options before visiting Sleep Station Mattress Outlet is a plus. Do not be surprised what you think is the right mattress for you is completely wrong once you visit the store and try out the variety of options. This is why purchasing online without trying out the mattress is not something we at Sleep Station never recommend.



A Hybrid mattress utilizes multiple layers that combine memory foam, latex or gel in addition to an innerspring system. 

Cushion Firm

Cushion firm provides the support of a firm mattress but the feel is soft to the touch. 

Memory Foam

Memory foam provides a good sleep experience by molding to the contours of your body. A memory foam mattress uses a solid and dense foam which is many times combined with materials that regulate the temperature of the human body. 

Tight Top

A tight top does not have the extra layer of cushioning. Instead a thick layer of upholstery is sewn on that stretches across the top of the mattress.

Pocketed Coil

A pocketed coil mattress wraps each spring or coil in a fabric pocket providing more support and minimizing movement during sleep.


A firm mattress provides the most support for the body in all mattress types. The firm mattress actually holds up the body rather than letting the body sink in during sleep.

Inner Spring

An inner spring mattress is the oldest and most commonly purchased mattress. This mattress is the oldest mattress on the market by design with a metal wire system with springs. 

Pillow Top

A pillow top mattress provides an extra layer of padding. This extra layer is actually sewn to the top of the mattress to enhance the plushness of the mattress and contributes to the overall softness.

Luxury Plush

A luxury plush mattress is designed with a softer layers of foam or innerspring blends. The luxury plush mattresses are known for their plush feel, meaning they are not too firm nor too soft. They actually feel just right.