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A Good Night’s Sleep is Essential for your Health

Sleep Station Mattress

At Sleep Station Mattress Outlet, we are huge proponents of a good night’s sleep being essential for your health. The benefits are too many to ignore. Anyone can tell you that when they miss just a few hours of sleep, their next day can feel like something is completely off.

Sleep Station Mattress Outlet carries a vast selection of top name brand mattresses at a fraction of the retail prices. Our ready to take home in stock inventory is priced at up to 75% retail prices. From Pillow top to memory foam, we have the perfect bed to help you get the sleep you need. We carry a wide selection of King, Cal King, Queen, Full, Twin and Twin XL mattresses.  

According to WEB MD, you might want to consider a good night’s rest a top priority. Here are just a few benefits of having a great sleep. 

Sharper Brain 

Have you ever noticed when you are tired, you have more trouble focusing? When you are running low on sleep, you will have difficulty remembering things and focusing. Without enough sleep, your brain also has a tough time retaining information. That is because sleep plays a huge part in memory and learning.  

Mood Boost 

As mentioned earlier, one of the most obvious signs of lack of sleep is a bad mood. When you sleep, your brain processes emotions. Your mind needs time to shut down so you can evaluate and categorize the events of the day. 

Healthier Heart 

While you sleep, your blood pressure lowers. This gives your heart and blood vessels a chance to rest as well. When you do not sleep, you run the risk of increased blood pressure, which opens the gates towards another set of health issues. 

Steadier Blood Sugar 

During the deep, REM stage of sleep, the amount of glucose in your blood drops. If you do not sleep long enough to reach that stage, your body will have a more challenging response to your cells’ needs and blood sugar levels. 

Better Immune System 

This is especially helpful these days since the COVID pandemic is still present. To help you ward off illnesses, your immune system identifies harmful bacteria and viruses in your body and destroys them. Ongoing lack of sleep changes the way your immune cells work. They may not attack as quickly, causing you to get sick more accessible than others. 

Weight Control 

Your resistance to the temptation of unhealthy foods goes down. If you are tired, you are less likely to want to get up and move your body also. Hand in hand, it is a recipe for gaining weight. 

At Sleep station, we can help you get a good night’s rest. You might consider it the best sleep you have ever had on one of our mattresses. The absolute best way to get a good night’s sleep is to invest in a mattress, especially if the mattress fits you like a dream. Restlessness will be outdated, and restful sleep is a thing of the future when you purchase one of our mattresses. Take advantage of our deep discounts off retail with our wide selection of closeouts, discontinued, floor models, and slightly imperfect mattress from most of the major brands. Our stock changes weekly. Visit our showroom today and let us help you find the perfect mattress for you.  

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