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Create A Relaxing Bedroom

How To Create a Relaxing Bedroom Environment

For a good night’s sleep, you need to be in a calming environment. People sleep better when their bedroom is set for light and noise levels, temperature, and comfort. Because sleep quality and duration are linked to other elements of human health, creating a sleep-friendly relaxing bedroom environment can also enhance how you feel when you’re awake. To create a relaxing bedroom, you should take the following factors into account:


In bed, some people tend to get hot, while others get cool. Adults experience a dip in body temperature when sleeping. This happens naturally during the first stages of your sleep cycle because a lower core temperature makes you asleep, while a greater core temperature keeps you aware during the day. To stay cool in bed, remove a layer or wear lighter bedclothes if you’re too overheated or the weather is unusually hot or humid.


A quieter bedroom is better for sleep than a louder one. Loud noise disruptions can induce severe sleep disruption, which can have severe consequences for your physical and mental health. Try to keep your bedroom quiet by keeping outside noises at bay. Sounds such as a fan or soothing white noise machine can mask other sounds and aid in the sleep process. Some people also enjoy listening to music when they go to bed—ambient sounds or soothing music, which may also alleviate anxiety and ease physical pain4. Noise-blocking curtains are also widely available.


Natural light and darkness have a significant impact on your circadian rhythms, which govern your sleep-wake cycle. If you want to read in bed before going to sleep, keep your bedroom light settings as low as possible. Dimming the lights will make it easier for you to fall asleep. Another good rule of thumb is to avoid using screen gadgets in your bedroom, including televisions.

To ensure your bedroom is a relaxing environment that promotes healthy sleep, you should also keep your sheets and pillowcases fresh and even make the bed before sleep. Soothing fragrances like lavender also help to induce sleep.

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