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Bed Sheets

How Certain Sheets Can Impact Your Sleep

Your sheets are equally crucial to creating the ideal sleep environment for you as your pillows and mattress. Before you select the best sheets for you, it’s essential to know your available choices. When you purchase sheets, you have to sift through material types, thread counts, cooling properties, elasticity, and more to determine what will work best for you.

We’ve prepared a comprehensive list of some of the most common sheet types on the market and their benefits, so you can make an informed purchase that will make your bed the most comfortable space in your home.


There’s a long list of sheets and sub-categories, but the most popular are cotton, silk, linen, polyester, flannel, bamboo (yes bamboo), and Tencel. There are plenty of details to consider when you are purchasing bed linen that has to do more with how you sleep and less with thread count, such as:

  • Your body temperature – do you get warm quickly? In which case, your sheet needs to be of breathable material like cotton. Or, do you get cold quickly? If you do, you’ll need to purchase sheets with heavier weaves, such as flannel. Choosing a suitable material will mean you don’t wake up in the night drenched in your sweat or shivering.
  • How sensitive your skin is – Do certain materials irritate your skin? While dermatologists say thatlightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton, silk sheets with higher thread counts are ideal for sensitive skin, it comes down to what an individual is comfortable with. Few people think about their bedding, mattress, or bed sheets as their skin’s irritant or the fact that there are hypoallergenic sheets for sensitive skin. Bamboo fabrics are great for sensitive skin.

If you are tossing in your sleep, it may not be your pillows, mattress, or even insomnia. Your sheets can impact the quality of sleep that you get, so next time you shop, consider how you sleep.

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