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Beat the Summer Heat with Sleep Station

Beat the Summer Heat with Sleep Station

Summer is finally starting to heat up and, unfortunately, even when the sun goes down you may be struggling to stay cool when you climb into bed for the night. While you could work your air conditioning unit overtime to keep the temperature down, you likely won’t be too excited when the electricity bill comes. If you are ready to beat the summer heat and achieve comfortable sleep, here are some tips to keep you cool with Sleep Station.

Upgrade Your Curtains

One of the fastest ways to heat up your bedroom in the summer is to let the sun filter in undisturbed. While occasional sunshine is good for killing bacteria and other unwanted things from creeping around your bedroom, uninterrupted sunlight through windows can quickly turn your bedroom into a greenhouse. If your room is always hot, upgrade your curtains to blackouts to keep the sun out and maintain a cooler temperature.

Use a Fan

Air circulation is critical for maintaining a comfortable environment. If you have high ceilings or a window AC unit, you may not be getting the proper amount of cooling you need in your bedroom. One of the easiest ways to beat the summer heat is to use an oscillating or box fan. To make the air even cooler, try putting a bowl of ice in front of it. This will blow the air over the cold ice to provide a more frigid temperature.

Improve Your Mattress

No one likes to sleep hot. Fortunately, many mattress manufacturers understand this and have worked hard to improve existing technologies to provide a more comfortable and cooler sleep. One of the mattresses Sleep Station provides that can help you beat the summer heat is the Sealy Opticool. If you are looking for a cooler sleep solution, we encourage you to visit your nearest Sleep Station location to try out a Sealy Opticool Mattress.

Why Choose Sleep Station?

Sleep Station is your source for name brand closeout mattresses up to 75% off regular retail prices. Our commitment to providing the best sleep solutions remains unmatched. We invite you to stop by your nearest location in Memphis or Munford to find the perfect mattress for you!

Still have questions? Give us a call at (901) 842-3301 or contact us today!

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