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Sleep Habits For Babies

6 Healthy Sleep Habits for Babies

Sleep is critical for your child’s health and happiness. In reality, good sleeping habits begin at a young age. Newborns can sleep for 3 to 4 hours at a time for up to 18 hours per day. It’s natural and healthy for babies to need to eat in the middle of the night. As your child grows older, they will stay up for more significant periods throughout the day and sleep for more extended periods at night. Here are a few healthy sleep habits for babies that can help improve sleep.

Healthy Sleep Habits for Babies

  1. Overtired babies have more difficulty sleeping. Since napping helps a baby sleep better at night, keeping him up throughout the day will not allow him to sleep longer at night.
  2. When your baby is tired but awake, put them in bed. Remember to place them in their crib or on a hard, flat surface on their back. Parents should keep pillows and stuffed animals out of their beds.
  3. Some parents worry about spoiling a child by holding them often. However, it is excellent to cuddle and rock your baby to sleep. You cannot harm a young baby by holding them.
  4. A pacifier can provide comfort and aid in the settling of your infant. However, it’s preferable to wait until nursing is going well before using a pacifier.
  5. Your baby will inevitably get up or move during the night. It is advisable to give them a few minutes to settle on their own before attending to them.
  6. Just as lighting is essential for adults, so too we must avoid stimulation during nighttime feedings and diaper changes for babies.

These habits are not exhaustive. Parents should practice many other healthy habits to help your baby get the best out of their sleep and create a routine at an early stage.

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