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Benefits Of Napping

3 Benefits of Napping

Who takes a nap? One might argue that naps are only for babies and the elderly however more and more middle aged and younger people are taking “power naps”. These small naps can help produce multiple health benefits for all ages. Napping can help to boost your mood and give you a burst of energy needed to conquer the day. Here are a few benefits of taking a nap:

Improved cognition – You will feel more alert after taking a power nap. As a result, your brain should work more efficiently.

Improved memory – Naps may help with memory consolidation, which is the process through which our brain converts data into long-term memory. After learning something new, a decent snooze appears to assist us in recalling that information. Researchers have found that napping can help with perceptual learning. This perceptual learning allows us to differentiate between various stimuli. Napping also helps with episodic memory, which involves recalling specific events or experiences.

Boosted immunity – The third benefit of napping is that it also boosts immunity. Although you should continue to wash your hands and maintain physical distance, resting regularly may benefit your immune system.

Medical doctors have found that sleep deprivation increases the release of pro-inflammatory markers and causes immunodeficiency. It is critical to combat this by napping during the day to strengthen the immune system and increase cellular efficiency.

How long should you nap for?

Medical doctors and researchers have found that a ‘power nap’ lasting 20- to 30-minute is ideal for most people. You won’t feel drowsy if you wake up 30 minutes after falling asleep for a nap because you’ll be in the early phases of the sleep cycle. Be careful of longer naps since they may disrupt the quality of your nighttime sleep.

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