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3 Ways to Cool Down Your Bed This Summer

3 Ways to Cool Down Your Bed This Summer

Take one step outside during the day and you will find that it is getting much hotter. Unfortunately, the high amounts of heat we experience throughout the day may not cool down quickly enough when the sun goes down and, if you aren’t prepared, you could be sweating your way to sleep. Whether you are sleeping hot or your AC unit has trouble keeping up, here are 3 ways to cool down your bed this summer for the optimal sleep experience.

Improve Airflow

If you are having trouble keeping your sleep sanctuary cool during hot summer days, you may have an airflow problem. Before doing anything else, ensure that your vents weren’t closed previously and not reopened for the room that you are in. If you still need to cool down your bed, improve airflow throughout the house to circulate cooler air with the assistance of fans or place the fan directly onto your bed and sheets. Shoot for a temperature of around 70°F for an optimal experience.

Block UV Rays

Most of a home’s cool air is lost to drafty windows and sunlight exposure through a window. When this air transfer occurs, it can be hard to maintain a stable temperature. If you have a lot of large windows with no treatments, consider getting blackout curtains to block UV penetration into your home. Skylights may be difficult to cover adequately if they are inside of your bedroom, but covering the windows with an appropriate curtain should be enough to make a difference.

Invest in Accessories

There are many different accessories available on the market that can help cool down your bed throughout the entire year including mattress toppers, sheet sets or even mattress protectors. If nothing else is working, upgrading your bedding or investing in a new mattress technology may be the next best option to help ensure your sleeping at the right temperature. We encourage you to come into

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