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Why Do We Need Sleep?

Why Do We Need Sleep?

Although it plays a large part in our daily lives, we rarely think about how important sleep actually is. There’s likely been a time when you’ve seen how missing out on sleep has affected your daily life while, on the other hand, achieving a great night’s sleep helps you feel refreshed and ready. But why do we need sleep and what internal role does it play? Continue reading this article to find out. The answers may surprise you!

As most people have likely heard, one of the primary functions of sleep is to catalog and store memories. By accounting for this time, the brain has the ability to more easily recall information that was learned throughout the day while clearing out brain toxins that may have accumulated. Some researchers theorize we need sleep to activate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to clear debris that may be present in the glymphatic system. However, the most important take away is that sleep plays an essential role in memory consolidation and recall at later times.

While improved brain function is an important benefit of adequate rest, we also know that we need to sleep in order to maintain physical health as well. One reason this is true is that proper sleep helps maintain the balance of hormones in the body. Aside from the link between sleep deprivation and obesity, sleep deficiencies may also cause a higher risk of kidney disease, stroke, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Equally important, we need to sleep in order to assist the immune system in maintaining its ability to fight infection or reduce the chances of becoming sick.

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