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Which Type of Memory Foam Mattress is Best for You?

According to Ergoflex, the history of memory foam is fascinating. “Memory Foam was originally developed by a NASA engineer, Charles Yost. He had been contracted to develop a cushioning to use for take-off to relieve the stress caused by the high G-force astronauts were subjected to at lift-off.” It was never used for its intended purpose, but Tempur-pedic was able to fashion it into the durable mattress we use today. In the 1990’s, memory foam took the world by storm. Today there are three diverse types of memory foam mattresses.  

  1. Traditional: The traditional memory foam mattress gets its popularity from its ability to cradle the user. Top name brands such as Tempur-pedic, Satva, and Serta are just a few of the major manufacturers who use memory foam in many of their mattresses. There are also many benefits of memory foam. The cradling helps with relieving pressure on your joints and improving blood circulation. The foam is antimicrobial, which is good news for germ- a- phoebes as the mattress reduces the number of dust mites or any other bugs. We also all saw the commercial with the person jumping on a mattress next to a glass of red wine and not a drop falling from the glass. This was not just a gimmick. The traditional memory foam mattress is, in fact, highly effective in decreasing motion transfer. Because of the way the memory foam is constructed, it will also last much longer than a spring type of mattress. 
  1. Air-Cool Mattress: Brands like Sealy, Serta, and Sleep Number all use air cooling technology in their manufacturing process. Over the years, memory foam mattresses did get a bad rep for the heat they produce. Therefore, designers got to work to create a memory foam mattress that now has an ideal heat transfer solution. It works by quickly responding to your body heat. This allows the mattress to soften faster and channel heat out more effectively. Get ready for a cooler night sleep if you opt for the Air-Cool Mattress. 
  1. Gel Memory Foam: Brands such as Serta and Beauty Rest promote some of their top selling mattresses use gel memory foam. With a gel foam mattress, you get the best of both worlds. You will still be able to stop motion transfer, and your pressure points will be cradled just as in a traditional memory foam bed. With the gel material in the mattress, when you lay on the mattress, it can absorb heat. At the start of the day, the mattress will feel cool to the touch but warm up throughout the day. The only drawback is that once the gel beads become saturated in heat, they can no longer absorb it. This memory foam is more durable than a traditional memory foam, but keep in mind that the bed will feel firmer because of the gel material, and you will lack the cradling that might have brought you to the memory foam world in the first place. 

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