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What is Sleep Hygiene?

What is Sleep Hygiene?

From sound design to sleep tracking devices, there’s no shortage of technology designed to improve your ability to fall asleep naturally or sleep better. While these products may seem like a necessity in modern society, we think there is an easier way to ensure that you are getting a great night’s sleep. One of the ways you can achieve better sleep quality is by investing in your overall sleep hygiene. In this article, we will explore what sleep hygiene is and offer some tips to help you get on the right track.

Sleep hygiene is often described as the habits or practices that are necessary for restorative and restful sleep that provide full daytime alertness. As you likely already know, obtaining healthy sleep is critical for maintaining both mental and physical health daily while also improving your overall quality of life. But how can you improve your sleep hygiene and ensure your body and mind have the support needed to make an impact?

Before getting started on improving your sleep hygiene, it is important to ensure that you aren’t taking excessive naps throughout the day and are limiting your intake of nicotine or stimulants before bedtime. These things can help keep your mind racing and make it hard for you to wind down at night. Alcohol too should be avoided because, although it may make you sleepy, it will also cause sleep disruptions that hinder your ability to sleep well or consistently throughout the night.

Improving your bedroom to be comfortable by investing in a new mattress and pillows while also maintaining a consistent temperature between 60 and 70 degrees can help improve your quality of sleep. Creating a relaxing bedtime routine that limits the use of technology and allows you to slowly fall into restful sleep can help improve the process and create a pattern that will make falling asleep each night much easier.

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