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Weighted Blankets: What Should You Know?

Weighted Blankets: What Should You Know?

It can be hard to achieve restful sleep when you are dealing with anxiety or stress. Although, for some, these are unavoidable emotions and can be debilitating if not dealt with appropriately. If you are looking for support when you crawl into bed to help fall asleep faster despite external factors, there are many benefits that weighted blankets may provide. In this article, we will look at what a weighted blanket is and some common reasons that people use them.

Also known as anxiety blankets or gravity blankets, weighted blankets have small weights stitched into the fabric. In many cases, these are not like the weights you will find at the gym but instead are microbeads that provide extra heft to the blanket. These microbeads provide a heavier, comforting feeling for the individual that is using it and can often be like receiving a nice hug from your blanket Weighted blankets are often used in hospitals, particularly before surgery, to help lull the patient to sleep and improve the anesthesia process.

While some may just simply enjoy the extra heaviness that comes with weighted blankets, other potential benefits can accompany their use. For instance, some studies have previously determined that the extra weight of the blanket may help reduce movement while sleeping to reduce tossing and turning and encourage rejuvenating sleep. However, there are other clinical uses for weighted blankets that may provide more comfort for certain individuals.

Occupational therapists have found that people with autism or other sensory processing disorders may provide a calming effect or decrease feelings of unease. At the same time, using a weighted blanket may also mimic the feeling of being hugged and promote the reduction of anxiety or stress that may be present. If you are looking for a little extra support at night, consider trying a weighted blanket to see how it might help improve your quality of sleep.

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