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What Amount of Sleep Do You Really Need?

What Amount of Sleep Do You Really Need?

Getting a great night’s sleep can be tough. Even if you do happen to achieve that goal one night, there’s a good chance that you will fall back into your old habits the night after. Getting the right amount of sleep each night ensures that you are not only alert throughout the day but also that your mind functions properly. But how much sleep do you really need?

While there is no magic number available for every person from an individual standpoint, the National Sleep Foundation provides guidelines that can help you determine your target amount of sleep. This updated list that was created with 18 prominent medical scientists and researchers was initially released in the Sleep Health Journal in 2015. However, they are still the most updated numbers available. The recommended amount of sleep for each age group can be found below:

  • 0 to 3 months: 14-17 hours daily
  • Infants: 12-15 hours daily
  • Toddlers: 11-14 hours daily
  • Preschoolers: 10-13 hours daily
  • School-Age Children: 9-11 hours daily
  • Teenagers: 8-10 hours daily
  • Young Adults: 7-9 hours daily
  • Adults – 7-9 hours daily
  • Senior Citizens: 7-8 hours daily

As you can see, the recommended sleep duration varies by age, with younger individuals needing more sleep than adults. In many cases, adults are able to function on 7 hours of restful sleep. This recommendation has remained unchanged. It is theorized that younger children need more sleep because their brains are still developing quickly.

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