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Sleep Habits to Adapt

Sleep habits to adapt and practice

Sleep habits are essential to curate and maintain as our daily behaviors significantly impact our sleep patterns and how well we sleep. What we do during the day can help to enhance healthy sleep or contribute to its lack. Sleep hygiene is a great practice. Good sleep hygiene means you have healthy sleep habits that help you fall asleep and sleep soundly.

If you are having trouble falling asleep or need to improve your sleep, these healthy sleep habits can help you.

Make your bedroom comfortable and relaxing

Create a sleep-inducing bedroom that is comfort-focused with minimized distractions. A quality mattress and high-performance pillows are essential for your comfort, lumbar support, and relaxation. The proper sheets are also a key player in making your bed inviting and your sleep comfortable.

So, after you have taken the necessary steps to make your bedroom comfortable through proper lighting, pleasant aroma, peace, and quiet, and the right temperature, this is the most crucial rule – DO NOT GO TO BED UNLESS YOU ARE SLEEPY.

Curate your sleep schedule

Having a fixed time to sleep and wake up in the mornings is a great place to start with creating a sleep schedule. Our bodies will have difficulty adjusting to healthy sleep habits if we keep waking up at different times every morning and falling asleep at odd hours during the nights.

Another excellent sleep habit to nurture and build into your sleep schedule is giving yourself additional time before bed to wind down.

Craft Pre-sleep activities

When we are having trouble falling asleep, It’s due to our activities leading up to our bedtime. Pre-sleep habits can help with this as they can act as indicators to the brain and body that sleep is near. Pre-sleep activities vary from person to person, but there are some standard recommendations that you can adopt such as unplugging and winding down for at least 30 minutes before bed,  lowering the lights, and disconnecting from your devices.

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