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Make The Most of Your Replacement Mattress!

Make The Most of Your Replacement Mattress!

Chances are, if you are shopping for a replacement mattress, your existing one is either past its prime or doesn’t offer the comfort that you had hoped for. While the type of mattress you invest in should meet your individual preferences, including both the size and firmness level, there are several other factors that can impact your comfort. Try these tips to make the most of your replacement mattress and achieve the comfort you’ve been dreaming of!

Focus On Your Foundation

Did you know that the bed frame you sleep on can directly impact how well your replacement mattress functions or achieves your desired level of comfort? In many cases, Memphis homeowners will mistakenly put their mattress on a base that doesn’t allow for adequate airflow or creates sag points that cause discomfort. Having a solid bed frame base is critical for ensuring your mattress lives up to its full potential.


Avoid Using Old Pillows

Much like your mattress, pillows should be replaced with wear and tear. If possible invest in new, supporting or adjustable pillows when obtaining a new mattress to ensure the best comfort and support possible. In many instances, Memphis homeowners will mistakenly place the blame for poor comfort on a new mattress when old pillows are the culprit.

Allow For an Adjustment Period

If you have been sleeping on an unsupportive, old mattress for an extended period, you likely will need an adjustment period to get comfortable on your replacement mattress. For most homeowners, it will take around 30 to 60 days for the body to properly adjust to a new mattress. However, this adjustment period may be shorter depending on how resilient your body is to changing conditions and how well the mattress meets your individual needs.

Why Choose Sleep Station?

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