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Effects Of Sleeping On A Bad Mattress

Effects of sleeping on a bad mattress

Waking up tired, back aching, eyes feeling sleep deprived? You may think of it like you haven’t got enough sleep last night or had a busy last day and needed more rest. But before you make any change to your routine, you should consider this one factor: Your mattress. Are there common effects associated with sleeping on a bad mattress?

The quality of your rest relies upon the nature of your bedding, which is something generally known and perceived by individuals, yet few really do something to improve their mattress. Poor mattress can cause back pain, weight gain and allergic reactions.

Here are some common effects from sleeping on a bad mattress:

Back Pain

A bad mattress can cause severe back pain, as you would not get enough sleep on such a mattress, some of the pain can also be due to lack of sleep. Lack of sleep on top of the possible body pains can cause lots of stress for the following day ahead.


One of the elements disregarded when you are searching for the reason for your snoring, could be your mattress. In case your mattress isn’t supporting your body appropriately, your breathing pathways might be under pressure or the tissues might be indented, which prompts snoring.

Dust Mites

As you rest on the mattress, your body sheds off a portion of the dead skin cells each night. This establishes an ideal climate where dust mites can flourish and feed on your dead skin. If you have asthma or any breathing difficulties, dust mites may worsen the situation.

Weak Immunity

Your whole immune system could become weak if you don’t get a good night sleep putting you at higher risk of catching colds and other illnesses.

Memory impairment

In the event that you begin experiencing  memory loss, it could be because of your poor rest, which could be caused by a bad or worn out mattress. During the profound sleep, called REM, the recollections are being framed, so on the off chance that you can’t enter the REM rest, your cerebrum won’t structure the recollections the correct way, which could compound minor memory loss.

Joint Soreness

The delicateness or hardness of a mattress that you use may fluctuate contingent upon your own inclinations. By and large, the mattress shouldn’t be excessively hardened. At the point when it is delicate, a bedding can uphold your weight while giving you the comfort you seek. A hardened sleeping mattress is probably going to leave you with sore joints when you get up for the day. This is a result of the additional weight it could force on your joints during sleep.

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