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Does Your Sleep Position Harm Your Sleep Quality?

Does Your Sleep Position Harm Your Sleep Quality?

If you spend the night tossing and turning to find that perfect sleep position, you likely wake up unrested or achy. While the mattress you choose should ultimately support you in your desired sleep position, correcting your sleep position may provide more support to help you achieve the best sleep possible. In this article, we will examine what sleep position is best for ensuring you are getting the optimal support needed throughout the night.

The position you assume when sleeping can be linked to a variety of health problems including back pain, snoring and acid reflux symptoms. And although it may seem difficult to adjust your sleeping position, all it takes is a little time to ensure you are comfortable. Let’s examine common sleeping positions and some of the problems that can arise from them to help you learn if your current sleep position is harming your sleep quality.

Back Sleepers

For those interested in the optimal spine support to limit pain upon waking, sleeping on your back will likely be the best option. This is attributed to the fact that back sleepers have the correct amount of support for their head, spine and neck to align into a neutral position while sleeping as long as you aren’t using too many pillows to change your head position. However, back sleepers will often suffer from sleep apnea because the weight of the neck will collapse while breathing.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping can typically reduce neck and back pain while alleviating symptoms of sleep apnea; however, there is one important caveat to side sleeping. If sleeping on your side with your arms out, there’s a high likelihood that you will put pressure on your nerves and restrict blood flow, causing shoulder or arm pain. While side sleeping is common, sleeping on the right side of your body can contribute to heartburn and sleeping on the left can add strain to vital organs like the lungs and liver.

Stomach Sleepers

Renowned as the worst sleeping position possible, stomach sleeping doesn’t provide the support needed for the natural curve of the spine. While stomach sleepers may not snore as much as they would otherwise, they will typically experience neck pain as their head is turned to one side throughout the majority of the night. If you are currently a stomach sleeper, it may be wise to try and adjust your sleep position to ensure you are getting the proper amount of support throughout the night.

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