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Do pillows have a lifespan

Do Pillows have a Lifespan?

The short answer is YES. Yet, “I need new pillows” is not something we often say unless our pillows are the only things standing between us and a good night’s sleep. According to experts, how long a pillow lasts will depend on two things: quality and care. If your pillows are of high quality, they can have a life span of 18 months to three years. Otherwise, replace low-quality pillows every six months. Lets breakdown some Pillows Lifespan.


If you don’t know your pillow quality or have not replaced them in a while? That’s okay. We’re here to help you improve your sleep health, not judge you. Here’s a quick breakdown of the types of pillows and their average lifespan:



Latex = 3-4 years

Buckwheat = 3 years

Feather = 18-36 months

Memory Foam = 18-36 months

Down = 2+ years

Synthetic = 18-24 months

Polyester = 6-24 months


It’s essential to replace your pillows when they have become worn out. Your pillows can become the filthiest accessories on your bed as they absorb so much of us; sweat, dead skin cells, body oils and could even become the perfect breeding and living environment for dust mites. You may be thinking, “I wash my pillows often, so that may buy me more time.”

Well, yes and no. While that’s good pillow care that increases a pillow’s lifespan, it doesn’t always help with sleep support. So, look out for these signs that will help you identify when your pads need changing:

  1. If your down and feather pillows have lost their ability to fluff up even after washing – change them.
  2. If your synthetic pillows become flat or lumpy – It’s time for a change.
  3. When your foam pillows get too hard and stop conforming your body – replace them.


QUICK TIP FOR CHECKING YOUR PILLOW: Take your pillow and fold it in half; if it stays folded, then you need to put “get new pillows” on your shopping list. Your pillow should always bounce back when folded!

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