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Daylight Savings Sleep Tips

Adjust your Sleep for Daylight Savings

If you think sleep schedules and routines are for kids, then you are 100% incorrect. When it comes to Daylight Savings Time, sleep schedules are essential for everyone’s sleep health.

Adjusting the body to time changes is different for everyone. Dealing with any change is challenging, let alone adjusting your body’s internal clock, and this is all that Daylight Savings Time (DST) is helping you to do – adjust your sleep so you can function at your optimum.

Getting Started

We know you’ve perhaps heard the terms Spring Forward – Fall Backward. This is a quick reminder for the yearly routine of adjusting our clocks forward by an hour at 2 AM on each second Sunday of March yearly, resulting in one less hour of sleep in the spring. Then again, at 2 AM on the first Sunday in November, we set our clocks back one hour to gain an hour of sleep in the fall.

While sleep adaptation varies from person to person, if you are used to getting the recommended eight hours of sleep, adjusting your sleep for daylight saving hours may be a little easier for you. If not, there are things that you can do to help your internal clock adapt efficiently and effectively so you can get back your sleep hours.

Sleep deprivation can lead to a deficiency in our performance, memory, concentration, and physical strength. We can help ourselves minimize the impact of DTS on our bodies through gradual transitions. These are some of our top recommendations for you:

  1. Transition gradually by going to bed earlier by 15 – 30 mins several days to “springing forward”.
  2. Be consistent with your fall asleep and wake-up times. Try to get up the same hour every day and go to bed at the same hour daily.
  3. Exercise – Factor in 30 minutes to an hour of workout at least four times a week. Try to do this in the mornings or afternoons as raising your body temperature before bed can result in trouble falling asleep faster.
  4. Avoid caffeine or alcohol.
  5. Get a good mattress and comfortable pillows to support your body while you sleep.

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