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What to do with old mattress

5 options for getting rid of your old mattress

I want to inform you about 5 great ways to get rid of your old mattress but you’ll want to check your mattress’s warranty first. Check if your warranty covers mattress removal and replacement and if it doesn’t, you’ll have to dispose of the mattress on your own. There are many options for what you can do with your old mattress, and we found the top ones that are straightforward to do.


Option 1: Donate it

Organizations like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and churches are community-connected, so they will always know where there’s a need in the community. Some of these entities, depending on location, may also arrange for your donation/s to be picked up. Homeless shelters are often a great place to check on their mattress donating policies.


Option 2: Recycle it

Recycling your mattress can be the most environmentally friendly way to get rid of it. There is much of it that you can use for other purposes.


Option 3: Repurpose it

We don’t have to scroll too far down our social media feeds before seeing several DIY videos. If we are crafty, there’s much of our mattress that can be used for other resources in our homes—such as padding for throw pillows or pet beds.


Option 4: Resell it

Reselling your mattress, in most cases, is state regulated, so even if it is well cared for, you may want to check that you meet the specific requirements that allow you to do so. If you do, ensure that your mattress is clean and thoroughly sanitized before you resell it.


Option 5: Dispose of it

In many cases, the best option for getting rid of an old mattress is to throw it away.

Because of the mattresses’ size, you will need to check with your city’s local mattress disposal or bulk waste regulations to make sure you dispose of the bed properly. You should also ask if there’s a mattress removal or disposal fee, so you know what to expect


I hope these 5 tips for getting rid of your old mattress helps. Please allow us to help further by providing you with fantastic pricing on your next mattress purchase. Call Sleep Station today!

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