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Why a Consistent Sleep Schedule is important

Why a Consistent Sleep Schedule is Important

Maintaining your biological clock by keeping a regular sleep schedule helps you fall asleep faster and wake up more easily. Any healthy regular activity makes your body active and boosts your immune system functions.  You become more aware of your environment, your reflexes improve over time and makes you more alert when nearing your wake up time. It also helps improve your digestive system which can help to prevent unnecessary weight gain.

Consistent Sleep for A Healthy Heart

Inconsistent sleep patterns can raise risks of a heart attack. A research conducted at Harvard University last year suggests that sleeping with a gap of 90 minutes from your regular sleep time over a period of a week doubles the risk of heart disease within the next five years of your life. Inconsistent sleeping pattern also raise risk of obesity, hypertension, sugar and heart stroke.

Consistent Sleep for A Healthy Mind

People having consistent bedtime routines tend to perform better in every field of life. They are better at problem solving, working memory, attention, cognitive thinking and muscle reflex.

Sticking to a Consistent Schedule

Finding an ideal sleep and wake up time is not just the goal but to go to sleep every day at the same time and waking up at the same time every day. To achieve this, you need to have a calm pre sleep routine. Avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. Give your body time to digest before going to bed by avoiding drinking or eating too close to bedtime. Exercising daily is great but make sure your body has time to recovery and level out before your bedtime. Keep your room only for rest and sleep and not for your office work.

What Happens as a Result

A consistent sleeping time frame can be the factor between a profitable day at work and a complete wash, between benefiting as much as possible from your vacation or napping the sunlight away. A steady rest timetable can even influence your temperament.  In this way, don’t make due with a disorganized rest plan! You will feel better every day in the event that you switch things up, it can really make you more joyful over the long haul.


Your body will require time to change in accordance with your rest plan, so don’t surrender in the event that you feel tired in the initial days. This sort of thing takes time. Keep cell phones, tablets, and different gadgets out of the room around bed time. Avoid sleeping on weekends just because you can but your body won’t be able to adjust with your weekdays schedule. If you decide on a sleep schedule, it should take your body just few days to adjust. Start your sleep schedule today and have a healthier lifestyle.

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