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The Role of Sleep in Child Development

The Role of Sleep in Child Development

Encouraging your child to go to bed can seem like a challenge sometimes. From requesting another bedtime story or pleading that they forget to brush their teeth, there are many excuses that children may use to keep from being stuck in bed at night. After all, the adults can stay up as late as they want! However, there are many great reasons to ensure your child falls asleep and sleeps soundly. In this article, we will look at the role of sleep in child development and why it’s important to maintain a sleep routine.

Sleep Aids in Brain Development

Even while a child is sleeping, their brain is still busy for countless hours throughout the night. During this crucial period of child development, the brain needs sleep to reset and begin building pathways that improve attention span, boost learning and much more. Without the appropriate amount of sleep each night, your child could be falling behind on this important growth process period.

Sleep Improves Immune Response

While sleeping, the body of both children and humans begins to produce proteins called cytokines. These proteins are in turn used by the body to decrease stress, fight infection or improve immune response against illness. Research has shown that too little sleep makes an individual up to 75% more likely to affected by a virus when they are exposed to it. Making sleep for children even more important.

Sleep Promotes Healthy Growth

While sleeping deeply, children will release a growth hormone. For babies that sleep for 50% of their day, you can imagine this helps lead to extensive growth in a short amount of time. However, child development extends beyond the baby phase and ensuring your child has the appropriate amount of sleep each night can ensure they are growing properly.

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