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Support Your Local Mattress Store

Support Your Local Mattress Store

With the wide variety of mattress stores in the Memphis area, it can be hard to find the store that most closely meets your needs and budget. While you may be interested in purchasing your new mattress from a big-box chain, there are many reasons you should support your local mattress store with your business. In this article, we will take a look at some of the advantages of shopping local and provide some tips to find the right mattress for your unique needs.

If you are like most people, you are likely long overdue for a mattress upgrade. Examine your current mattress for signs of wear and tear that may signify your old mattress has run it’s course and deserves the reprieve that comes with being retired or transitioned to an unused room that has an even older mattress. Let us help you begin the journey to finding the right fit for you at one of Sleep Station’s local mattress store locations in Memphis or Munford.

With the largest mattress inventory in the Midwest, our local mattress store is sure to have the perfect mattress for you. Whether you are interested in a closeout mattress or have a specific brand in mind, we will likely already have it in store at a price that competitors simply can’t beat. We work hard to pass on extended savings to our customers to ensure they receive a fair price and an experience they will want to share with their friends and family.

From our contact page, you will see detailed map locations for each local mattress store we operate. These maps also allow you to request directions to determine the exact distance Sleep Station is from your current location and the easiest way to get there. If you are ready to find the mattress that best suits your unique needs at a price you are sure to love, the experts at Sleep Station are waiting to assist you. Don’t forget to ask about our easy financing options!

Why Choose Sleep Station?

Sleep Station is your source for name brand closeout mattresses up to 75% off regular retail prices. Our commitment to providing the best sleep solutions remains unmatched. We invite you to stop by your nearest location in Memphis or Munford to find the perfect mattress for you!

Still have questions? Give us a call at (901) 842-3301 or contact us today!

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