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Supine Sleep Position

Supine Sleep – An Ideal Position to Sleep

In a time where everyone is busy with their jobs, meeting deadlines or completing goals we all somehow neglect our physical and mental health. A busy life can affect our diet as well as our sleep pattern. We are all aware of sleep deprivation but can we do to avoid this? Perhaps considering your sleeping position may help. The Supine sleeping position has shown many benefits and should be considered.

Causes of Sleep Deprivation

There are number of factors which results in sleep deprivation and the most dangerous among all is a person choosing not to get enough sleep because he or she might think that working beyond hours is more important than sleeping. There is another factor which effects your sleep pattern is thinking way too much or worrying for something that may or may not happen. This kind of behavior lengthen sleep deprivation and costs you mental and physical health.

Sleep on your back

Before taking any medicines or get yourself addicted to any drug there is another way you can try to improve your sleep pattern. A person must try to sleep on their back which is known as Supine Sleeping. It might not work for everyone but its well worth trying before switching to medications or considering a new mattress.

Benefits on Sleeping on your back 

Your spine and neck will be in neutral position while sleeping on your back. This position is also helpful to prevent lower back pain or any kind of compression or twisting. When you wake up with a headache that might be because of your neck alignment and sometimes the pain it causes makes you wake up in the middle of the night effecting your sleep.

Improve your Sleeping Position

Sleeping in the Supine position might not be helpful for everyone and for some might make pains worse. For people who feel comfortable sleeping on back usually does not remain in the same position and that may cause some effects on their body. You may have to try these few things:

  • A flat pillow under head or small rounded pillow under neck
  • You can try memory foam pillow
  • Try to place pillow under knee or lower back
  • Make sure that you have a supportive mattress

Apart from supine sleeping there are some other helpful remedies one can try:

  • Try to make a routine of your sleep time even on weekends
  • Eat 2-3 hours before sleeping so that you might not feel bloating
  • Try reading a book before sleeping (not on your phone)
  • Exercise or walk regularly
  • Don’t use laptop or mobile while lying in bed
  • Try not to drink coffee or alcohol before sleeping

If even these remedies are not helping than you should see a medical specialist before it affects your mental and physical health. If you have tried all of the above or ruled that you are in need of a new mattress or mattress topper – please consider Sleep Station Mattress.

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