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Sleep Resolutions You Should Focus on in 2019

Sleep Resolutions You Should Focus on in 2019

If you are like most Americans, you likely have trouble achieving the optimal amount of sleep each night. In most cases, New Years Resolutions will be composed of dietary changes and increased ambitions to exercise regularly. However, there are many reasons you should focus on sleep resolutions for 2019 to ensure your other goals are being achieved.

Ditch Technology

While it’s incredibly easy to crawl into bed and start binge-watching your favorite shows, there’s a good chance this is hindering your ability to sleep soundly throughout the night. Reaching for your phone or TV remote while in bed can flood your room with artificial light that tells your body it’s still daytime outside. By ditching technology when you enter the bedroom, you can ensure that you are investing in deeper, restorative sleep.

Set a Bed Time

One of the easiest ways to achieve your sleep resolutions for 2019 is to set a reoccurring bedtime to train your brain and body that it’s time to sleep. Try to ensure that you are achieving the golden number of 8 hours of restful sleep each night. Try to find a time that works in this time range while allowing you to wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day, especially if you have a mentally or physically demanding career.

Incorporate Other Resolutions

Exercising regularly is a great way to improve your nighttime sleep routine. By hitting the gym, you have the ability to tire out your body and fall asleep more easily when your target bedtime arrives. However, it is important to note that exercising too late can make falling asleep more difficult because you will need to rest and return to normal before you are able to successfully fall asleep.

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