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Signs That You Need A Bigger Mattress

Signs That You Need A Bigger Mattress

It can be hard to get comfortable on a mattress that is too small, especially if you are sharing that mattress with another person. If you aren’t sleeping on the properly sized mattress, you generally won’t be receiving restful, restorative sleep due to constant adjusting to find a comfortable position. If you aren’t getting great sleep like you once had, look for these signs that you need a bigger mattress.

 Your Feet Hang Off

If your feet hang off of the edge of your bed while you are sleeping, there is no question that you need a bigger mattress. Often, this can be seen when teenagers begin to hit growth spurts but still sleep on the twin size mattress that they previously had. If this is happening to you or a loved one, it is likely time for you to ditch that small mattress and invest in a larger one.

Partner Disturbance

One of the most common complaints that individuals sleeping in missized beds is that it is incredibly hard to not disturb your partner while sleeping or disturb them. For the best possible sleep outcome, it is important to invest in a mattress that allows you to have your own space without touching. Try out different mattress sizes in store in your common sleep positions to determine which would be best for you.

Life Changes

It’s common to undergo body changes throughout your life that can make your bed less accommodating than it previously was. For instance, the mattress support and size you needed previously may be completely different if you or your partner become pregnant.  By the same token, gaining weight later in life can also be a reason that a bigger mattress may be needed.

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