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Is Your Old Mattress Keeping You Up At Night?

Is Your Old Mattress Keeping You Up At Night?

While there are many conditions and factors that can cause you to toss and turn all night, you may be surprised to learn that your mattress could be the number one culprit for restless nights. Sleeping on a saggy or lumpy mattress can cause a variety of problems that can make you uncomfortable. If you are still sleeping on an old mattress, here are some of the problems that it may be causing that keep you awake.

Muscle Soreness

An unsupportive, old mattress doesn’t provide the support your body needs to give you a great night’s sleep. Sore muscles are a direct symptom of being unable to find a comfortable position to sleep in. In many cases, this will happen as you are forced to adjust your body to unnatural sleeping positions to achieve minimal comfort. Investing in a new mattress is one of the easiest ways to improve how you feel in the morning and achieve great sleep.


Allergy Symptoms

Sleeping on a dated mattress likely means that you are sharing the bed with dust mites. As you begin to shed dead skin cells throughout the need, up to 10 million hungry dust mites could be waiting to feed on them or you. If you stay awake throughout the night with a runny nose or a headache, your mattress may be the problem.

Pinched Blood Vessels

A lumpy mattress that doesn’t offer adequate support could potentially be cutting on skin-level blood vessels and limiting blood flow in your body. One reason you may be tossing and turning throughout the night is that your body is telling you these blood vessels are being pinched. Unfortunately, this can result in loss of sleep that results in fatigue the following day.

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