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Mattress FAQs: What Should You Know?

Mattress FAQs: What Should You Know?

Spending your money on a new mattress is a large investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although not nearly expensive as a new car or home, a mattress is a pivotal item that can be used to enhance your quality of life on a nightly basis. If you are looking for answers, here are the most common mattress FAQs and what you should know about this often overlooked piece of furniture.

What Materials are Used to Make Mattresses?

Mattresses are often incredibly complex and can contain a wide variety of materials for both structural integrity and improved support. Some common types of mattresses that rely on special materials to provide a designated level of comfort include inner-spring models and memory foam. No matter what you may be looking for, trying out several options in store will likely help determine which feels best for you.

What Sizes Do Mattresses Come In?

This is generally considered one of the most common mattress FAQs. While there are a variety of sizes that mattresses can be manufactured in, the most common are Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King. However, there is some room for variation with Twin XL mattresses and Crib or Toddler mattresses. To help determine which is right for you, here is a handy chart of common mattress sizes.

  • Twin – 39 in. x 75 in.
  • Full – 54 in. x 75 in.
  • Queen – 60 in. x 80 in.
  • King – 78 in. x 80 in.
  • California King – 72 in. x 84 in.

When Should I Get A New Mattress?

While most manufacturers will tell you that you need to replace your mattress every 8 to 10 years, this may not be true for everyone. In fact, you may need to replace your mattress sooner or later depending on the construction quality. Once a mattress feels like it’s not providing adequate support anymore, you should consider seeing what other options might be available; however, a local charity or recycler may be able to help dispose of it properly or help give it to someone in need.

Why Choose Sleep Station?

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