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How Long Does it Take to Adjust to a New Mattress?

How Long Does it Take to Adjust to a New Mattress?

After searching long and hard, you finally found the perfect mattress to help you achieve the best sleep you can. But once you finally get it home and try it out, it doesn’t feel the same as it did when you were testing it in the store. While this may make you a little leery of the product you purchased, don’t fret! This is a normal occurrence. Before your worry gets the better of you, it’s important to understand how long it takes to adjust to a new mattress and finally get the comfort you expect.

In most cases, a mattress can easily be broken in between 30 and 90 days after you bring it home. Think of your new mattress with like your favorite shirt you own. There’s a good chance that it didn’t become the most comfortable article of clothing you own overnight and instead took several washes and wears before achieving the optimal level of comfort. While a couple months may seem like a long time to achieve the comfort you expected, there are some other factors that may be contributing to your discomfort.

Your body likely won’t be used to the enhanced level of support that your new mattress provides and can lead to you tossing and turning for the first couple nights. Since your body will have to adjust to the mattress you purchased at the same time it is breaking in, it can get a little frustrating. But with the right level of patience we can guarantee that you will soon be sleeping more easily once this adjustment period is completed.

If you found this blog because you aren’t satisfied with the comfort level of your new mattress, just remember that it will be worth the wait. Make sure that you are sleeping on the mattress each night to help apply pressure to it while the materials stretch and loosen over time. Once this has occurred, you will be able to achieve great sleep each night and finally love the mattress that you have invested in.

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