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Helping Your Teenager Improve Their Sleep

Helping Your Teenager Improve their Sleep

Looking for ways to help Your Teenager Improve their Sleep? We’ve got a few tips that you might be able to convey to your restless adolescent.

The brain and body experience formative growth during the teenage years. Sleep is essential during this time as it aids teens to perform at their best. Unfortunately, research indicates that many teens get far less sleep than they need.

Sleep is important for teenagers as it helps to improve their academic abilities, their emotional health and their physical well-being. Sleep also improves their awareness and thinking abilities. In order to help your teenager, improve their sleep you can review their routine and include some of the steps below.

Maintaining A Regular Sleep Schedule

Your teen’s sleep schedule is just as important as your own in helping to improve their cognitive performance and physical health. Teenagers need on average 7-8 hours nightly and it is important to create and maintain a sleep pattern that contributes to this. Avoid practices such as sleeping in on weekends and during holiday breaks as well as catching-up which can lead to more tiredness and grogginess.

Ban Electronics from The Bedroom

This is probably one of the most challenging rules to enforce at home due to the technological world that we live in. Teenagers like to stay connected and the use of cell phones and tablets before bed has become commonplace. However, some research indicates that light exposure from screens also disrupts traditional cues sent to the brain to wind down. It is recommended by experts to physically remove the device from your teen, by keeping them in another room in at nights or by turning them off completely.

Providing A Supportive Mattress and Pillows

Inadvertently teenagers may find themselves sleeping on the same mattress for years. This may not be a problem if your teenager has not experienced any growth, which is hardly likely. As your teenager gets older, they may put on weight or get taller. This may mean that they will require a new mattress which is able to provide good support for their weight and height. A good mattress is an essential part of quality sleep.

As your teen gets older, while they may require less sleep, it is still important however that they get the best of it.

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