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Finding the Best Mattress for Better Sleep

Finding the Best Mattress for Better Sleep

Did you know that most people will spend nearly a third of their life in bed? Between nightly sleep, binging tv in bed or recuperating from sickness, the mattress you decide to sleep on can play a huge role in how comfortable you are. But how do you find the best mattress possible if you are looking for better sleep? The experts at Sleep Station are here to help! Keep reading to find out our recommendations when buying a new mattress.

Each time you lay down on an unsupportive mattress, your body weight begins restricting blood flow to different areas and deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients. When this occurs, pain sensors in the body tell the brain to roll to relieve the pressure and restore blood flow to the affected area. But this process may also briefly interrupt your sleep cycles. Finding the ideal mattress for your needs can eliminate these pressure points; however, the ideal fit for better sleep may be different for everyone.

Instead of focusing on which brand the mattress was made by or searching for the highest price point, it is important to think about what you prefer in a mattress. For instance, do you fall asleep more comfortably on a firm mattress or a softer style? Although there isn’t much scientific data that says one particular mattress style is better than another, choosing the right fit for you can help ensure you are receiving the support you want each night when you lay down.

If you are ready to buy the best mattress for better sleep at a great price, we encourage you to visit Sleep Station. With one of the largest inventories of overstock and closeout mattresses in the Midwest, we are sure to have the perfect fit for your unique needs and budget. Don’t waste another night tossing and turning. Let our sleep experts help you achieve better sleep by finding the right mattress for you.

Why Choose Sleep Station?

Sleep Station is your source for name-brand closeout mattresses up to 75% off regular retail prices. Our commitment to providing the best sleep solutions remains unmatched. We invite you to stop by your nearest location in Memphis or Munford to find the perfect mattress for you during our spring-cleaning sale!

Still have questions? Give us a call at (901) 842-3301 or contact us today!

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