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Easy Ways to Beat Morning Back Pain

Easy Ways to Beat Morning Back Pain

If you’ve ever woke up and experienced pain in your back, you aren’t alone. In fact, this is a very common problem that affects countless people once they transition from laying down to standing. However, sometimes back pain can drag on throughout the day. If you are experiencing morning back pain, here are some steps you can take to start feeling great again in no time. Keep reading to learn our recommendations to help beat morning back pain.

Stretch Regularly

In a perfect world, you will have slept for around 8 hours before waking up and there’s a good chance that you spent even more time laying down before falling asleep. All of this time spent in a prone position can lead to muscle soreness and stiffness. To help “limber up” after a long period in bed, consider starting your morning off with some light stretching or yoga to avoid the back pain that may start to arise.

Create a Sleep Schedule

If you are likely to sleep beyond the recommended daily requirements, there’s a chance that you are doing more harm than good if you experience pain when waking up. Spending too much time sleeping can lead to a variety of problems, although muscle stiffness is generally one of the most prominent. To avoid this, create a sleep schedule and don’t allow yourself to oversleep to limit the chances of morning back pain occurring.

Consider a New Mattress

When a poor sleeping position isn’t the cause of your back pain, there’s a good chance that the root of the problem is the mattress that you aren’t sleeping on. Whether it’s no longer supportive, is riddled with lumps and bumps or just has outlived its life-cycle, there are many great reasons to invest in a new mattress to obtain the benefits modern models provide. Not convinced? Come into your nearest Sleep Station location to try our most popular mattress options.

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