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Does Your Mattress Need a Box Spring?

Does Your Mattress Need a Box Spring?

While the box spring has traditionally been an important component that adds to the total price of your new mattress, you may be surprised to learn that you might not need one. As mattress technology continues to advance, you are likely asking yourself if you really need to use a box spring. Here are some of the exclusions that may exist that require you to continue to use a box spring for your sleeping arrangements.

Foundational Support

If you don’t have a strong and stable foundation for your mattress, there’s a good chance it won’t provide the comfort or support you need to make the most of your sleep. Furthermore, the inclusion of a box spring reduced wear and tear or shock that your mattress may be exposed to. However, if you utilize a platform bed frame, you may already be getting the same support.

Increased Elevation

Getting into and out of a bed that is low to the ground is not only challenging, but it can also lead to increased back or leg pain if you aren’t careful. Box springs will not only provide the elevation needed to assist you in comfortably using your bed, but it will also make it easier to sleep without worrying about the pain that may occur from getting in or out of bed. If your bed is too low, you may need to look into getting a box spring to adjust the height.

Warranty Considerations

Did you know that some mattress warranties actually require you to use a box spring or platform bed frame under threat of your warranty being voided? This can be a costly mistake if you don’t take the time to read the fine print of your chosen mattress. Know the stipulations of your warranty before you opt to do without this common mattress accessory.

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