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Does Napping Do More Harm Than Good?

Does Napping Do More Harm Than Good?

For most people, napping throughout the day has become a staple in their routine since childhood. Whether you just need a short amount of shut-eye during work or like to take a nap as soon as you get home, there are many benefits that can be obtained in that short window of time. If you are tired of drinking coffee to maintain your energy levels throughout the day, here are some of the ways napping can help.

Mental Clarity

Trying to think while you are tired isn’t an easy feat. Not only do you lose your train of thought easily, you often have a hard time trying to put your ideas into a cohesive message that can be understood by others. According to NASA research, napping for between 10 and 26 minutes can provide significant benefits, with around 15 minutes being the sweet spot.

Energy Boost

Most people will reach for an energy drink or coffee when they are feeling a little bit sluggish. While this may seem like a great idea, caffeine has been shown to make you more likely to make mistakes because it provides artificial energy. However, by avoiding sugary drinks that are loaded with artificial energy, you can give your body what it really needs and not just a temporary solution.

Mood Enhancement

When you are tired, you likely are more irritable and short-tempered than you might usually be after a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, this means that even the smallest situation can create undue stress that derails your entire day. If you are suffering from sleep deprivation and it is affecting your mood, take a time out by napping for a short period to feel an immediate improvement.

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