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Do You Need a Mattress Replacement? Here are 3 Signs!

Do You Need a Mattress Replacement? Here are 3 Signs!

When you attempt to fall asleep on an old mattress, you likely have trouble finding that sweet spot that provides enough comfort for you to doze off. While it can sometimes be difficult to see the wear and tear that has occurred, you may even be accustomed to the decline in comfort over time. If you are asking yourself if you might be due for a mattress replacement, here are 3 signs it may be time to start looking for something new.

You Are Finding Lumps or Sagging

Over time a mattress will begin to distort from what it once ones. The most common changes that you will find are lumps or sagging spots that didn’t exist when you first brought your mattress home. Unfortunately, these imperfections can lead you to wake up with aches and pains and drastically affect the quality of your sleep. Don’t settle for discomfort when attempting to achieve the best sleep possible when you can get the support you need with a mattress replacement from Sleep Station.

Your Nose Gets Stuffy When You Lay Down

Mattresses can quickly collect a large number of allergens if it isn’t properly maintained or cleaned regularly. Between dust, sweat and other allergens, you could be resting your head on a petri dish at night without even knowing it. If you are suffering from allergies in the morning or when you lay down to go to sleep at night, there’s a chance a new mattress may be the best option to eliminate them.

You’ve Grown Out of Your Current Mattress

While you may have been able to get by with a full-size mattress on your own, the introduction of a sleeping partner may make your existing mattress feel a lot smaller. This can be true even if you have a dog that likes snuggling with you to feel safe or protect you throughout the night. If things feel a little bit cramped, make your way into Sleep Station to find the right fit at the right price.

Why Choose Sleep Station?

Sleep Station is your source for name-brand closeout mattresses up to 75% off regular retail prices. Our commitment to providing the best sleep solutions remains unmatched. We invite you to stop by your nearest location in Memphis or Munford to find the perfect mattress for you!

Still have questions? Give us a call at (901) 842-3301 or contact us today!

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