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Chill Out with a Sealy Opticool Mattress

Chill Out with a Sealy Opticool Mattress

During the summer months, it can feel like nothing you do makes your bed cool off during the night. Whether it’s retaining your body heat or the material doesn’t retain the cold air provided by your air conditioning, there are many reasons that investing in a new mattress may be the best alternative. In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can chill out with a Sealy Opticool Mattress.

Sealy’s Opticool technology comes in two distinct variations, Memory Foam or Gel Latex depending on the model you choose. With these mattress models, a proprietary gel is infused into the foam to trap heat and dissipate it through the mattress to provide stable temperatures. At the same time, a phase change material is used to adjust on the fly to regulate temperature and change its physical state at either end of the temperature range.

One of the most commonly known phase change materials is water due to its ability to transition into ice or vapor. However, boiling water can never retain more heat, instead, it just begins to boil faster until it is all evaporated. The phase change materials in mattresses work in a similar fashion, although they operate at narrower temperature ranges by absorbing heat at the top range and then releasing it through the bottom.

If you are looking for a cooler sleep solution, we encourage you to visit your nearest Sleep Station location to try out a Sealy Opticool Mattress. With a variety of sizes available, we are sure to have the perfect fit to help you chill out this summer. If it turns out the Opticool isn’t for you, our sleep experts will gladly help you find a suitable alternative!

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