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Adjusting to Your New Mattress

Adjusting to Your New Mattress

After taking the time to consider your options, you finally settle on the perfect mattress after testing it out at the store. While you may quickly fall asleep, you may find yourself dealing with soreness the next morning and not understand why. Adjusting to your new mattress can be a tricky process and the benefits may not be immediately noticeable. So what can you do to expedite the process and start making the most of your new mattress investment?

A new mattress will generally take around 30 days before you start reaping the full benefits. While this can seem like an unbearable wait, the eventual outcome and comfort that you will be able to achieve will make it worth it. In fact, soreness when waking up on a new mattress is often a good sign that you are receiving the correct support while adjusting to your new mattress.

In many cases, an old and saggy mattress won’t properly give you the support needed to align your spine and enhance your quality of sleep. As you lay on a new mattress, the added support that you are able to receive will begin conforming your body into the correct sleeping position. Once your body has had the time to adjust to proper sleeping position the symptoms you are experiencing should begin to dwindle and allow you to wake up refreshed.

Once you find the right mattress, it is important to understand that it can take up to a month to fully adjust to it. The key to making the most of this adjustment period is to not give up and give your mattress and body the proper amount of time needed to reap the full benefits. Just remember, the adjustment period for everyone can be different and may take less time or longer to find the perfect sleeping conditions.

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