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Interesting Facts About Dreams

9 Interesting Facts About Dreams

Dreams are always mysterious and ambiguous as well. Dreams can be terrifying, bewildering, hilarious, exciting, inspiring, emotional, and much more! All of us see dreams but very few of us are unaware of the fascinating facts about them. Here is the list of some interesting facts about dreams that will blow your mind up.

1. Colorless Dreams

You can still enjoy the black and white scenes in 2020. Because not all dreams have color. Some of our dreams are just black-and-white, others are colorful or pale brown. Some people see the dreams of soft pastel colors.

2. Everyone dreams daily

Do you agree that you see dreams daily? Your answer will be “No”. However the amazing fact is that we see dreams daily whenever we sleep, but we don’t remember them. 95% of the dreams are forgotten after the few seconds, and you even don’t know whether you dreamt or not!

3. Inspiring dreams

It is an undeniable fact that many, many more inventions are inspired by dreams. Some of them include

  • Freud’s Psychoanalysis
  • The movie “Avatar”
  • Insulin as a treatment of diabetes
  • The automatic sewing machine
  • The idea for Google

And a lot more!

4. You can’t tell the time while dreaming

Have you ever seen the dreams in which you do something in a hurry? It is possible. But the impossible thing is that you cannot tell the exact time while dreaming, as reported by lucid dreamers.

5. Emotions in dreams

There are a lot of different emotions that we experience in dreams. But the most commonly felt emotions include sadness, fear, and anger. You may note that all of these are negative emotions, so we may say that negative dreams are more common as compared to positive dreams.

6. Dreams of blind people

Do you know blind people dream too! What’s the difference? People with vision impairments see dreams of very high intensity. Senses of taste, touch, and hearing add the mellow sweetness in their dreams. Sight is less involved as compared to other senses.

7. Animals dream too!

If you keenly observe cats and dogs while sleeping, you will see that they make slight noises and move their paws in a way as if they are chasing someone. Animals dream about their favorite food or prey, or some instinctual feelings.

8. Some dreams are universal

People from all over the world dream about some common things even though every human being has his own experiences, emotions, intentions, and ambitions. Common dreams include being attacked or chased by someone, falling, or fighting.

9. Dreams prove that soul is immortal

A priest of the third century, Tertullian wrote a book Treatise On The Soul in which he argued that being independent of the body, the soul can continue its activities while dreaming. Thus the soul is immortal because you can see dreams with the motionless body.

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