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3 Ways to Break In a New Mattress

3 Ways to Break In a New Mattress

If you tested a mattress in the store only to realize it doesn’t feel quite the same when you get home, you likely may be a little disappointed. It can take as long as three months to properly break in a new mattress; however, the process can be sped up to as little as one. If you are ready to break in a new mattress at your home, here are 3 ways to can speed up the process.

Apply Some Pressure

Sleeping in a bed night after night is one of the easiest ways to break it in and improve the comfort it provides. This happens because the materials are given pressure from your body. To speed this up, try walking on your mattress or applying pressure by some other means. This ensures the mattress is ready to begin conforming your body like it had when you tested it.

Let It Breathe

When you brought your new mattress home, you likely immediately covered it in your favorite sheets and immediately laid down. While this may sound like a good idea, it is important to let the mattress breathe without sheets for several hours before dressing it and using it. This gives the mattress adequate oxygen flow to help break in the mattress quickly.

Give It Time

Even if the mattress is breaking in with these methods, it is important to understand the mattress will take time to adjust to your body. Make sure you are spending the appropriate amount of time in your bed each night for it to properly conform to your body. This gives the mattress a chance to loosen up and become more comfortable over time.

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